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PDQFX Ltd. is a UK based, foreign exchange and money transfer business with our Head Office in the City of London. The company was established in 2003 to provide a low-cost, secure, foreign exchange and currency transfer service.

Our clients include businesses from a wide range of industries and activities, to individual private clients from around the World. What they have in common is a desire for excellent service and value.


PDQFX is regulated by HM Revenue & Customs as a Money Transmitter (registration no. 12221220)

PDQFX is authorised by FCA as an Authorised Payment Institution (firm reference no. 511166).

There are two levels of registration and authorisation that exist in the field of money transfers, largely dependent on company turnover. Smaller FX companies (with a monthly turnover of less than €3m) are able to register as a "Small Payments Institution".

Larger organisations (such as PDQFX Ltd) with a turnover above €3m a month are required to register and are regulated by FCA as an "Authorised Payment Institution" which involves a far higher degree of scrutiny and regulation including approval of the structures and operations, the requirement to segregate client funds, maintain adequate working capital and fit and proper persons checks made on senior management.

For further information, please feel free to ask us or visit the http://www.fca.org.uk/

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